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Jingles are a versatile marketing tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Jingles, whether songs or just a few notes, can help a brand become ingrained in the audience's memories and top-of-mind awareness. Quality Logo Products polled 735 American residents about their impressions of 67 of the most iconic jingles to determine which are the most famous.

Brylcreem is a well-known hair cream that was introduced in 1928 by County Chemicals in Birmingham. It was designed to keep quiffs neatly in place, which was a popular look at the time.

During World War II, it was also the product of choice for Royal Air Force pilots, who were dubbed "Brylcreem Boys" because of their neat appearance. This iconic product is now marketed by a number of different companies. Combe Incorporated markets the product in the United States, while Unilever manages it in Europe and India.

Though pomade was popular for decades, it plummeted in the 1960s as more men began to use gels instead. Fortunately, it appears that new generations of men are returning to their roots and reviving the use of pomades.

Since its inception in 1876, the Campbell Soup Company's iconic red and white can has stood for quality, convenience, and American pride. Despite its longevity, the company has faced numerous challenges, including competition from Heinz, the world's largest manufacturer of canned soup.

In the 1980s, the company was reorganized to increase sensitivity to consumer opinion. It also targeted regional markets for its products, which allowed it to reach half of the country's homes. In Texas, for example, it sold spicier nacho cheese soup than in other parts of the country. It is also advertised with local celebrities.

Its advertising campaigns frequently targeted women, a demographic that had been pushed to the sidelines by men throughout the twentieth century. These advertisements promised to make their lives easier and healthier.

McDonald's is one of the world's most well-known fast-food corporations. Although the company is best known for its hamburgers and French fries, it also serves a variety of sandwiches, coffee drinks, and desserts.

Ray Kroc, a kitchen appliance salesman, founded the company in 1955. He recognized a distinctive business model that could be replicated by franchisees and assisted the McDonald brothers in opening their first restaurant.He was a firm believer in giving back to the community in which his restaurant was located. He established the first Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia in 1974.

It was a success, but he realized that more than a few restaurants would be required to make a difference. He envisioned a chain of independently run franchises, with each restaurant providing better value and quality than the competition.

This posed a significant challenge for Kroc, who needed to find a way to keep the company on track. He challenged 14 international advertising agencies to develop a campaign. Heye & Partner, a small German firm, won the competition. "I love it," the jingle, became McDonald's global signature.

The Massachusetts Employees' Insurance Association was founded in 1912 as Liberty Mutual, and its tagline is "Fair and Square." Today, over 50 thousand great people work across the globe to provide fair and square coverage for individuals, families, and businesses.

It is one of the largest property and casualty insurers in the United States, with an AM Best financial strength rating and fewer NAIC home insurance complaints than the industry average. It provides car and homeowner's insurance, as well as life insurance and small business insurance.

Liberty Mutual has an excellent mobile app and provides a variety of insurance options, including a lifetime repair guarantee and discounts for bundling policies. It also has a good reputation for customer service and low prices.

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